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Programs to Help You Stay Healthy

AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina wants to help you and your family get and stay healthy.

Extra benefits available from AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina

These extra benefits and programs are available to AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina members in addition to their NC Medicaid benefits. Certain terms and conditions may apply, call Member Services at 1-855-375-8811 (TTY 1-866-209-6421) to learn more.

Adult Vision program

AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina members ages 21 through 64 are eligible for one additional pair of glasses and one extra eye exam every two years covered by AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina. This benefit is in addition to the one pair of glasses and one eye exam covered by the NC Medicaid program.

Weight Watchers® membership

AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina cares about you and your weight loss goals. That's why we offer membership to those who qualify to get started with the Weight Watchers (now called WW®) program. Certain terms and conditions apply.

Mission GED® program

If you didn't get your high school diploma, we can help. Members can take the practice and regular tests for a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma at no cost. Mission GED is a special program that can help you reach your goal of earning your HSE.

  • Expenses: When you enroll in the Mission GED program, you can take your tests at no cost to you.*
  • Getting prepared: We'll connect you to resources that can help you get ready to take the test.

*AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina will only cover costs for your practice and regular HSE tests. All other costs, such as HSE program fees, are the member's responsibility.

CARE Card program

AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina members can earn up to $75 per year in rewards for doing things that help you stay healthy. To earn rewards, all you have to do is complete any of the qualifying activities that apply to you. To learn more, visit the CARE Card Program page.

SafeLink Wireless® phone program

AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina works with SafeLink Wireless to offer qualified members a smartphone with limited monthly data and minutes, plus unlimited text messages. Calls to AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina Member Services are no cost to you and will not count toward your monthly minutes.

Home educational visits

AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina offers in-home visit services to children diagnosed with asthma and women with high-risk pregnancies.

  • Asthma navigators can work with families to teach them how to control asthma, avoid triggers and provide supplies to control allergies.
  • Community health workers can provide support and education to women with high-risk pregnancies to help them learn about prenatal and well-child visits, choosing a PCP for their child and connecting to community resources.

Boys and Girls Club membership

AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina members ages 6 through 18 are eligible to receive a membership at no cost to participating Boys and Girls Clubs throughout North Carolina.

Post-discharge meals

An important part of living a healthy life is healthy eating. When you eat a balanced diet of wholesome foods, you fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients you need to be well. AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina provides meals for up to seven days, one time a year, at no cost for qualifying members discharged from a hospital.

Living Beyond Your Pain program

This chronic pain management program can help members improve their pain management skills through education and collaboration with health care providers. Through this program, AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina offers non-narcotic pain management alternatives to qualified members who are prescribed opioids.

Flexible recovery benefit

Members who successfully complete a non-hospital substance use disorder treatment stay* may qualify for a one-time flexible benefit up to $500. This benefit can be used for services such as yoga classes, post-discharge meals, transportation to support groups or therapy sessions, and child care for specific events.

*The treatment is subject to preauthorization.

Additional Support When You Need It

If you want to quit smoking or are a new mom who wants to learn more about how to best feed your baby, we can connect you with the right program for support. Call Member Services at 1-855-375-8811 (TTY 1-866-209-6421) to learn more about any of our benefits and programs below:

  • Tobacco cessation services to help you stop smoking or using other tobacco products
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) special supplemental nutrition program
  • Newborn screening program
  • Hearing screening program
  • Early intervention program

Bright Start® maternity program

Bright Start is a special program for our pregnant members. We want to help you to have all you need for a healthy pregnancy and baby. We can provide you with information and resources, help you arrange prenatal and postpartum visits, and assign you a Bright Start Case Manager to work with you to support you throughout your pregnancy.

Opioid Misuse Prevention program

Opioids are powerful prescription medicines that can be the right choice for treating severe pain. However, opioids may also have serious side effects, such as addiction and overdose. AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina supports safe and appropriate opioid use through our Opioid Misuse Prevention program.

Help with problems beyond medical care

It can be hard to focus on your health if you have problems with your housing or worry about having enough food to feed your family. AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina can connect you to resources in your community to help you manage issues beyond your medical care.

Call Member Services at 1-855-375-8811 (TTY 1-866-209-6421) if you:

  • Worry about your housing or living conditions
  • Have trouble getting enough food to feed you or your family
  • Find it hard to get to appointments, work or school because of transportation issues
  • Feel unsafe or are experiencing domestic violence. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.