Your Rights and Responsibilities

AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina works to make sure all of our members get the care, respect and dignity they deserve. Here's how.

Your rights

  • Rights
    Learn about your rights as an AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina member.
  • Complaints and grievances
    If you have a problem with your care that we can't fix, you can file a grievance.
  • Appeals
    If you do not agree with a decision to deny or limit your medical care, you can file an appeal.
  • State Fair Hearings
    If you're not happy about an appeal outcome, you can request a State Fair Hearing.
  • To understand a letter or a notice, file a complaint, or to get help with a recent change or denial of your health care services, contact the NC Medicaid Ombudsman at 1-877-201-3750.
  • Our dedication to quality
    We take steps to help make sure your health care is always excellent.

Your responsibilities